JHJO Singers @ 7Arts

On the afternoon of the 31st May 2015 two musical worlds are due to collide. I’m re-awaking the Jazz Orchestra from it’s endless slumber for a special one-off-never-to-be-repeated show. Me and sixteen of the very best jazz and session musicians in Yorkshire will join forces with a plethora of unique vocal talents from the Leeds indie rock/folk/pop scene to make beautiful music together.

I’ll be announcing these awesome acts below and via twitter and facebook over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled. It’ll also be another chance to hear the Jazz Yorkshire commissioned “Yorkshire Suite” performed again.

For now get the date in your diary.

Make sure you follow the Jazz Orchestra on Facebook for updates and news.




Grant Fennel (Cottonwoolf)

Simon Wainwright (Hope and Social)

Jasmine Kennedy

David Henshaw (Dancing Years)

Dan Lucas (Boss Caine)

Sam Thornton (Louis Louis Louis, King Zepha)

Simon Fletcher (Handmadehands)

About tjameshamilton

Northern Ireland born composer/trumpet player/educator based in Leeds. Leads James Hamilton Jazz Orchestra and is a member of Leeds based indie rock band Hope and Social.
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